Dec 1, 2008

An Upgrade Update

Dear Reader,

Please consider this site Under Construction, even though I'll still be posting every day (except Sundays--nobody ever makes it here on the Lord's Day, apparently y'all are at CHURCH?); the format is going to be slightly tweaked, so it may look a bit wonky until I figure everything out. As in any spiraling economy, businesses are downsizing in order to keep the overhead to a minimum and get food on the table; this blog is no different. The Photo Blog and the Convo Blog, two offshoots from this one, are being absorbed back into; that way, I can just pick the best photos and convos, and post more often during the day. The advertising is coming down, and here's why: it was a trial run anyways, and it makes me feel beholden to the blog when I just want to HAVE a blog like everybody else; I don't need a small business. Thanks to those who participated in the experiment with me--now I can write and you can read and we can just chill. I've been searching around for another layout, and found one, but it's on Wordpress--and I'm not very good at XML conversions. So that must be figured out, as well. I'm very excited for the new venture I've started over at Wordpress, but the details on that will come much later; I need some time to figure out their set-up and throw down some good content. Until then, keep your eyes peeled to the changes going on around here, and thank you so much for being a reader--if you have any questions, feel free to email me:



WenigGluckliches said...

Sundays i'm usually at the church of death, praying to the porcelain goddess of alcohol poisoning.

So yes. You're right. We're all at church.

Snotty McSnotterson said...

Ah. Well I'm usually drinking at that time of morning. Isn't everyone?

Manthony said...

Sounds like a shocking lack of daily radwords is imminent. *tear*

Snotty McSnotterson said...

Sorry! But it just became too much. :) Especially with the new stuff going on, good GOD when will I have the time to do anything WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH