Dec 5, 2008

The Truthiness Hurts

One very happy person in my life right now is this man: Stephen Colbert. He's happy because, as of this week, he has challenged the Almighty Bigmouth, Kanye West, AND WON. Operation Humble Kanye started as a dream, and went on to become a reality! I love how Stephen Colbert just GOES FOR IT, and insults Kanye in the nicest ways possible. Now that the egomaniacal 'voice of our generation' has been humbled, let's look back on how the rivalry started. Also, I don't think 'egomaniacal' is a word... BUT IT IS NOW.

Warning--these two videos were a LOLfest, at least they were for me. If you're at work in a space where people can see you, I would suggest you get your things together, quit your job, and then come over to watch it with unemployed me. And watch the whole thing! Don't be That Guy.

Bwahahahaha he called Kanye a 'hip-hopkateer'. So this is what being a winner feels like. If you'd like to see the hysterically funny victory lap that Stephen Colbert did (to the strains of Kanye's last album, in fact) here 'tis:

This is so awesome! The power of the internet, and Stephen Colbert fans.


WenigGluckliches said...

I, surprisingly, caught this last night. My favorite line; Kanye is a "Sunglass Display Mannequin."

Buttercup said...

Flippin Sweet