Dec 3, 2008

Thanklessly Thanking You

Above: Thank you, salt!

Lists about what people are *thankful* for generally make me ill, which is why I've defied such sentiments until the third day of December--an obvious middle finger to those of you who predictably gave your thanks on Thanksgiving. Everyone knows you don't wear a Morrisey t-shirt to a Morrisey concert; you bring that as a torn-up emo hanky with which to wipe your dry, ironic tears away.

And so my small list of thanks should start out like this: I'm thankful I call the shots on this blog that threatens to do me in, every single day. Traitorous wench.

I'm also kind of thankful for the new Britney Spears song--yes, bitch, the one I'm listening to right now. It's a good song for cleaning.

I, of course, give thanks to the Usual Suspects: family, friends, bacon, the F-word, and the blissful absence of cats and infants in my life. Our Thanksgiving in Portland with the Esq's aunt and family was amazing; delectable food and nice people in a beautiful spot. You can't ask for much more, other than maybe my own family nearby; I really missed them this year, but we caught up at a big family brunch last Sunday, held at B&O Espresso. It was also a celebration of my mom's birthday and completion of the half-marathon, which brings me to being thankful that she's still with us, brain aneurysm be damned.

I'm thankful that the Esq's birthday party made it into our favorite alternative newspaper, The Stranger, although I haven't seen it yet (not online, anyway)--I just got twenty messages from other people who did happen to see it. We'll get one on our way to the Big Blog meeting tonight. Which segues into: I'm thankful to all the bloggers I've met this year. I've learned a lot from all of you, especially when I was listening.

I'm thankful for the words 'ruby', 'synecdoche', and for the letter B; I think it's a friendly letter.

I'm also thankful for cake, humorous Oscar speeches, foot rubs, and the white fuzzy blankets my mom got for both of us; I finally look forward to sleeping now.

I was really thankful for the film, Religulous, this year, because someone finally came out with a movie that I could have written based on my own beliefs; that was big for me. (As an aside, I also can't wait to see Let the Right One In.)

OBAMA. Durrr.

And, let's see... salt. And polka dots. And the library.

Also, the Esq. And of course, my readers! Crazy ass people, each and every one of you.


Manthony said...

I'm seeing a correlation between salt and polka-dots.

Dorkys Ramos said...

You are crazy, woman. Nice to see it hasn't changed since the last time I was here. (Been super busy!) Your list is way better than mine though, but that's only because I didn't have time to think of one.

A.E.S. said...

As the library incarnate, you're welcome. The library loves you too, without you we could not keep Danielle Steele as the highest circulating author evah!

Snotty McSnotterson said...

Manthony, I would like to see something like that as well... but alas.

I want more of that salt. Please remind me what the name of it was.

Snotty McSnotterson said...

Dorkys, glad to see you back--and I liked your list, as non-existent as it was.

Snotty McSnotterson said...

Auticia, stop revealing my favorite authors to the world wide masses! I said good day, sir.

Manthony said...

Don't be ashamed of Danielle Steele! Don't EVER be ashamed!

Snotty McSnotterson said...


Buttercup said...

I am thankful for the word "shiteous" which is my new favorite word.
I am thankful for a new season of the Bad Girls Club.
I am thankful for the new McDonald's Chicken Nugget commercials.
I am thankful the price of Charles Shaw wine has been 2.99 since 2002.

Snotty McSnotterson said...

Two-buck Chuck, indeed.