Oct 7, 2008

An Incredible Waste of Time

Photo: Think of what this could do for my yearbook picture background.

Website of the Day. First Runner-Up.

Both defy logic or taste. Both employ hideous photos. Enjoy!

**Thanks to Lil Red for sending me the links.


barbjensen said...

You didn't just do that to me.
God, I should have listened to the title of the post!

Snotty McSnotterson said...

Hahahahaha, I DID. That's why I said "INCREDIBLE". But no one listened.

matt said...

I actually bookmarked that site for future perusal...

I need a seventh hobby.

Manthony said...

OMFG!!! Those links would distract me out of the darkest black mood imaginable. The perfect antidote to a long day at school.