Oct 17, 2008

The Girl and the Sea

This is a strangely compelling video that did not want to embed. But it's by Lee Lennox, who has an interesting eye for weirdness, so check it out if you have a minute (or four).
It's titled, The Girl and the Sea; song by The Presets. I was kind of creeped out by it, and then completely fascinated; now I'm in the dark and melancholy stage, but that could just be my every day demeanor.

Back to the wonderful world of online job-searching...


Manthony said...

I have no idea what is going on in the video. But that doesn't keep me from wanting to step inside it.

Snotty McSnotterson said...

That's kind of how I felt. And then I kept watching it over and over, and loved all of the sad little details.