Sep 13, 2008

An Open Letter to Snotty

Dear M,

Blogging is not nearly as easy as you make it seem. You seemed to snicker inwardly when you asked if I was just going to wing it -- and rightly so. I see you taking notes on your cell phone, like an eccentric scientist dictating ideas. You must have a good two or three dozen saved up in case of writer's block. The ones that see the light of day are inevitably hilarious, and never fail to connect with the reader.

But I do not habitually record my questionable flashes of brilliance; and as described earlier am in a constant state of blogger's block. My persuasive writing style stands in unfortunately stark contrast to your hysterical vignettes, which are evocative, amusing, and always make me look like I had something to say. In short, I miss your blog almost as much as I miss you. I am sure I also speak for your legions of fans who are stuck with me for another day. I should apologize to them too; I've been an altogether lackluster substitute so far. Instead I'll just have to dazzle them with the most amazing entry ever tomorrow, after I return from a family thing. If only I had those notes from your cell phone.


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