May 27, 2008

Random Madness

Photo: My childhood tasted like this.

This is all very random, but last night I purged my cell phone 'notepad' of strange things I had said/written down over the past few weeks (my phone is where I write everything, minus the book -which isn't a book yet- and the blog), and these were my favorites:

*Comments that were said and written down are preceded by a colon; everything else is just a note or a reminder*

It's like we're trapped in a well, but we're happy!

Burning man + iron man=melting man

(Cory spilled beer on the floor, and mopped it up with the sock he was wearing)
Me: This is how a bachelor lives.
Cory: Shut up.
Me: With honor and dignity.
Cory: (spills again) Damn it!

Why is there a USB keychain with a lotion attached to it at the Microsoft Company store?

Note to self: get a Ben Franklin impersonator for a bachelorette party someday

Kungfu Banana Backflips!

Justin: There will always be a younger, fungible unit for older men to stick their money into.

Me: The tomato plant is like the pig of the plant world. Smart and underrated.

Me: Reading their blog is like watching someone go through reeeally bad therapy where they gain no insight in the end.

Me: I don't like shredded wheat, but I like the idea of an interactive cereal. I like having the image of a shredded wheat eater.

Me: Guaranteed equal distribution throughout a salad is my one requirement in choosing a salad dressing.

Why do I hate tea cozies?

Everybody Stabs Raymond would have been a much better show.

Do Otter Pops cheapen an event, or enliven it?

Justin: Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!

Actual writing later; I'm heading to Green Lake with Manthony and then home to do more job searching. PS: download or rent the movie Darkon. You won't be sorry.


FreNeTic said...

The margheritas at Squatch tasted a lot like otter pops - funny to see this when I got back to society.

Now, introduce me to more fungible units!

Manthony said...

Otter pops will cheapen an event. But they also bring an aura of nostalgia which may not be entirely unwelcome. We need to discuss the Shredded Wheat and tea cosy situation further. I'm feeling like a support group might need to form to address those.

Snotty McSnotterson said...

Grizzle--you need to stay away from the younger, fungible units; they're toxic!

Manthony, shredded wheat and tea cozies are for the birds (and the Brits)--of which I am neither.

Marko said...

LOl, i dnt remember these!