May 9, 2008

Post-Birthday Bashing

Photo: Phoebe was here! The scene, looking down from my 3rd-story bedroom window, onto the balcony below.

If I had to describe my birthday in six words or less, it would be this:

Super crazy fun time with friends!

I received so many wonderful gifts--Grizzle got me a robot!!!--which I really wasn't expecting; I also have so many cupcake leftovers, if I actually eat all of them in the next week, I will gain another human. So I should stay away from them...right after I eat this one...and this other one....

Thanks to all who showed up for the soiree, it was a really good group of people; I actually paid my brother to come up, since he had no money. I'd say we had 20 people here (in my one-bedroom apartment), chilling, playing Session Rochambeau, listening to records, and cackling up a storm. I was trying to smoke as much as humanly possible, since May 7 was my quit date--I even have some left over, but I'll just chuck 'em. I'm done, and have also cut out my triggers, like everything I can think of. It was really awesome seeing Joshy--he's like half the person he used to be (since he's losing so much weight--good for you!), but still the coolest person I know. I feel really lucky that I love the Esq's closest friends, because it really sucks if you don't. Of course, his friends are all exceptional like the Esq, so I'm not too surprised. My friends are all stuck-up, stinky drunks. Just kidding. :) And by that, I mean that some of you are, but most of you aren't.

In a way that only Snotty can, I chopped my hair off on my birthday, because I was tired of the rats' nest. So six inches off the back and I got the color done yesterday--I feel brand new! Brand new and thirty-fucking-two. But still.

Today is: shopping for jeans, lunch with the Griz, job-searching (although my last interview went really well), a movie, and Stacie's birthday bash at Nectar. Life is rough.

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