May 12, 2008

I Scream For Ice Cream

Photo: Cory's felted dream girl.

A conversation to be noted for no apparent reason:

*sound of the ice cream truck nearby*

Cory: Yes! I love this time of night.
Me: I feel...awkward.
Cory: You feel awkward?
Me: *nods*
Cory: Man, that guy must get tons of tail.
Me: *laughs*

*the ice cream truck gets louder*

Me: Oh my God! Do you know what song is playing?
Cory: No.
Me: The theme song from Boomerang. You know, the kids' show?
Cory: Never heard of it.
Me: *excited* Yeah! It was really cool--they sang this song and were, I don't know, there were big letters that spelled out 'BOOMERANG' and at the end they jumped off the top of a barn into a pile of hay. (wistfully) That always looked like a lot of fun.
Cory: Whatever.

*ice cream truck drives away*

Me: What kind of shows did you watch as a kid?
Cory: The usual. Sesame Street when I was young, The New Zoo Revue--
Me: --what?
Cory: You never saw The New Zoo Revue? It was coool.
Me: I don't remember watching a whole lot of TV. We just watched what our parents wanted us to, I guess.
Cory: You missed OUT.
Me: But we always watched Saturday morning cartoons. Man, I loved those Fraggle Rock fuckers.
Cory: *sings* Dance your cares away, worries for another day, let the music playyy, down at Fraggle Rock! *clapclap* Down at Fraggle Rock!
Me: So you've heard of it?
Cory: Nah.


Manthony said...

Just so you know, I saw Marni Nixon (host of Boomerang) at Town Hall last spring. Took my dad. She was still cool, although she didn't jump into any hay. Dammit!

shannon said...

a boomerang, a boomerang, what does it do it comes back to you like a boomerang, boomerang, bing-bong-bang-it's boomerang! It's a funny looking thing bouncing like an airplane wing and when you throw it high in the sky-SING A LONG NOW!!!

Miss ya

Snotty McSnotterson said...

Wow, I can't believe you know all the words! You're not a mom for nothin'.

I miss you too!

Marko said...

Red was my faveorite fraggle!