Apr 4, 2008

Show 'Nuff

Photo: Having the powers of a cat doesn't sound that cool.

Here are the shows that are coming to town that I am resentfully not going to:

Ghostland Observatory
Tapes n' Tapes
The Black Keys
Minus the Bear
Cat Power
The Raconteurs
The Old 97's
Simian Mobile Disco
Circus Contraption
Cut Copy
The Posies (go on sale today, I think)
Anthony Bourdain (yeah, the chef)

This is just the small list; the bigger list of shows that I'm missing out on is longer, sadder, and not worth reading.

Here is another list:

1. I hate being broke.
2. I hate being absent at shows that are awesome.
3. I hate making lists about how lame I am.

I'll probably go to the Posies show and maybe Simian Mobile Disco, it depends on my paycheck. I'm excited for Hot Chip on the 22nd, though, and for my birthday which is coming soon!

Off to work.

1 comment:

FreNeTic said...

You have to at least go to the Posies show. Please.