Apr 6, 2008

Manwich Myths

Photo: Good Burger

I had my first Sloppy Joe last night at Bree's. I suppose it was cathartic, in a Sloppy Joe kind of way. Why do they call it a Manwich? They don't resemble a man at all; and you certainly don't look manly eating them. Any food that requires a bib is almost--dare I say it--emasculating. That's right, I said it: Sloppy Joe's are for pussies. But boy, are they good. We went over to hang out with Bree, and Oliver, her gay her dog her son. He's an adorable, spazzy blonde with a fondness for historical political figures, just like his mom.

Ollie: Who's Bono?
Me: You're dead to me.

Kids are cute. He and Oren got Whoopie cushions at Bartell's (because who doesn't like hanging at Bartell's?) and farted their way into friendship in Bree's living room. Timo made an appearance, as did Kai, and I startled Jon Auer from above. We walked to the Canterbury to get milkshakes with the kids, but we were too late--they stop making them after 8PM. We departed, drove home, and played Audiosurf until our eyes drooped. I got up this morning and went to work--where everything went wrong, it was one of those days--and we drove to BFE to drop Oren off. Afterwards, I was too pooped to make it home, so we're spending the night at my parents' house; they're at the beach cabin, so it's just my brother, his friend Tom, the Esq, and myself. Family Guy and ice cream, all night long.

But first, I'm jumping in the hot tub.


Michelle Auer said...

I like my manwich extra saucy so the bread gets all soaked and soggy with bad for me goodness. I have not had one since I left Alaska, where they were typically made from ground bear or moose meat, but I used to really like them once upon a time!

Snotty McSnotterson said...

I hear Bree Hartwig makes the best Manwich in the biz...although not out of MOOSE. A moosewich! Mmmm.

FreNeTic said...

I read this, and got to thinking. I wanted to do Mexican, but now I'm leaning towards Chili Dogs. Maybe fire up the barbecue (I'll need to check and see if I still have the barbecue, though).

Manthony said...

You'd never had a sloppy joe before? Who ARE you? WHERE have you BEEN? Doesn't it DRIVE you CRAZY how I keep putting words in ALL-CAPS?

Bree said...

ollie's first blog shout out involves bono AND farting. christ.

Snotty McSnotterson said...

He's a king among men. Or a giant among Bonos (Bono is REALLY SHORT).