Mar 25, 2008

Numero Uno

I consider Blogger to be a "grown-up" blogsphere, which is probably why I never felt it was relevant for me to blog here. Now that I'm nearing 32 and have pretty good health insurance, the realities of adulthood are undeniably upon me and I figured my first concession would be to sign up and get the damned thing over with. That being said, it is called The Vomitorium, which isn't really all that mature; I'll have to change it at some point, probably when the blog changes. I'm not exactly Peter Pan in my arrested development; I'm more of a modern-day Christopher Robin, who knows he will grow up eventually, but takes as long as humanly possible to do so. The growing pains I face, as a writer and a half-human, will be painfully detailed on this blog until I am dead or find something better to do. Good health and Godspeed to anyone who wades into this swamp of emotional bile; you're gonna need it.

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