Mar 28, 2008

Free Your Vocabulary!

Instead of feeding the poor with food or medical supplies, feed them with your vocabulary! Finally, a way for people like me to make a difference (and by 'people like me', I mean people who don't have food or medical supplies or love to give, but have a large vocabulary).

Adrian and I both scored a 46. 'Caaaaause we're smurt smart.

Off to work--today I am a model.


Bree said...

i can't figure a way to sing the title of this post into the tune of en vogue's timeless mastery of lyric and composition 'free your mind' but i will continue to try.

FreNeTic said...

Terribly embarassed to share my score. It was fastidious.

Anonymous said...

I made it to 43. Now I really feel like I need to start reading the dictionary again. (Could I put that on my resume if I did it?)