Aug 20, 2008

Flabbergasting Bewilderment

Photo: And pinwheels.

Things that are confounding me today:

My employment situation.

Skinny jeans never make you look skinny, even when you're anorexic.

The term 'indie rock' suddenly doesn't make sense anymore.

Babies. They're everywhere, looking adorable and generally annoying me.

Magazine submission guidelines: why must all of them be so goddamn different?! It's like they're testing my commitment, of which I have none.

Computer monitors are more annoying than babies; viewing angle, brightness, response time, aspect ratio, native resolution, and screen size are just some of the things you must consider when shopping for one. Just gimme a stupid monitor.

Cleaning. What's the point.

Sleep. Ditto.

My attitude, which sucks.

Vegans, again.

Switzerland--I want to move there. Geneva, here I come.

I hate people who are all, "Death Cab and Modest Mouse were so much better back in the day", but I completely agree with them. I just hate that they say it out loud.


My dreams, which involved the Esq being forced off a cliff in his car, and a trip to the zoo, where a lion ate my hands. I did not sleep well.

Finding a photo on my cell phone I took of Metalocalypse Dude on the bus, to show how long his hair was, right before we crashed. Still wondering.

Acid reflux poopiness in my throat area.

Flowers that look like they're from outer space; they're on my desk right now.

Finding my sense of humor again. I haven't been very funny, or found anything very funny, in quite a while.

This Sunday I will officially have a ten-year old. ME. A kid in the double digits. Fuck.

Everything seems so stagnant right now; washing the dishes so I can wash them again, making the bed so I can make it again, going to work so I can continue going back, going to sleep so I can wake up again. Who am I kidding, I don't do dishes or make the bed. I need some excitement in my life, please and thanks.

I like pinwheels, though.

And randomness.

Welcome to this post.

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Laura said...

When my grandpa was a) alive and b) in the nursing home, we brought him a pinwheel. In the middle of the night he started screaming for help. He was convinced the pinwheel was on fire and going to set his room on fire. He was unable to recognize sparkly awesomeness through a cloud of pharmaceutically-induced swiss cheese brain.

Lesson: you will only fear pinwheels when you are on death's door.

I'm so grateful that you like pinwheels. You can't blog when you're dead, but you could sleep.

Buttercup said...

Um cleaning is fun. I could come clean your place. I wouldn't even charge you like I do other people. I just like to clean. I am cool like that.

Snotty McSnotterson said...

Laura, I'm glad he liked pinwheels, too! I hope to meet your gramps when I go to Heaven. What?

Buttercup, you haven't seen the apartment; see it first, THEN offer. Because I would totally take you up on it, and of course I would pay you--in pinwheels, if that's okay.

Buttercup said...

You have no idea what Randal's place looked like. (That is the gay guy in Queen Anne whose house I clean.) It was like that cable show where they go in and you can't even move from the trash and stank.