Jun 7, 2008

Deja View

Photo: *hork*

If you want to read a truly awesome article--awesome in every sense of the word, i.e.; enormous, omnipotent, neat-o--then amble on over to The Stranger to read the linked article. This is a story I should have written, although I'm grateful I didn't have to. I really enjoy the writing of Lindy West--it's very thoughtful, and hysterically funny.

Thanks to Manthony for blogging about it first!

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Manthony said...

I ALMOST want to go and check out a Deja Vu (especially if there is a buffet involved); but, like Lindy, I think it would feel like an okay thing to do until I was actually about to do it. Two stripper-related articles read in one morning meant that I HAD to blog about them.